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  Advantage Auto Body and Towing

Engine, Transmission, Glass, Body, Frame Work, Radiators, Expert Install. 

                      Quality Towing Service.

If you are stranded don't hesitate to call us for towing. Our rates are below industry rates. We will carefully tow your vehicle to our service shop or any place you ask us to tow it to.

                 Top Quality Body Shop

Our Body Shop Technicians will make your car look like new again. We will make an estimate and as soon as you give your Okay we start working. We put your can on the frame machine and fix all the parts that are possible to fix to save you money. Then we order new replacement parts. Usually it takes about a day for parts to show up. As soon as we receive the parts we get back to work installing them and preparing your car for painting. We use a quality paint products from Dupont and other companies. We paint your car and put 4 layers of clear coat and your car is ready for pickup.

When you see your car after our body work you will not be disappointed.  All work is Guarantied

                    Glass Replacement Service

We do quality Glass Work. If your Wind shield or door glass or any other glass is damaged we can replace it usually the same day. We have a large inventory of used and new auto glass .

We guarantee our work 100%

                                                                    Mechanical Shop

Our friendly mechanics will do the estimate for you absolutely Free

They will tell you what’s wrong with your car and what it takes to fix  it. Then the Estimate is created for you and we start working on your car. Our prices and our quality is unbeatable.

                                       Used Parts

We have lots of quality used parts for sale including Domestic and Imports. We carefully remove parts from old and newer vehicles to bring good quality parts to you. We sell Engines, Transmissions, Starters, Alternators, Body Parts, Glass, Regulators, Windows, Radiators, Ac compressors, suspension, Head lights, Tail lights, Mirrors, Windshields, Interior parts, Seats, Engine frames, Lower control Arms, Spindles, struts, steering racks, Gear Boxes, Wheels, Ac Condensers and lots of other parts. All parts are covered with our 30 days money back Guarantee. We also carry allot of parts for newer cars and even some new parts like radiators and Ac Condensers with Life Time Warranty.